Humana Health Insurance

Humana Health Insurance

health insurance plansHumana is one of the largest health insurance providers in the US. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana health insurance has more than 13 million customers in the US with a revenue of $41.3 billion in 2013. In 2018, it landed on the 56th position on the Fortune 500 list. It is the highest-ranked company with the main headquarters in Kentucky. In the country, it remains the third-largest health insurance company.


Who Started the Company

David A. Jones and Wendell Cherry established a nursing home in 1961. It was not yet Humana. Rather, it was known as Extendicare, Inc. It was the largest nursing home in the US. But in 1972, they sold it to acquire hospitals. Extindicare, Inc. became Humana Inc in 2974. The change of name was meant to give the public a perception that the company offers a high level of human care.


Health Insurance Plans from Humana

It is a well-established insurer in the US. Humana health plans are especially useful for those who are over 55. Its plans are some of the more affordable. As a large health insurance company, it can offer a wide range of services. The health insurance plans are great options.

Plus, it has home healthcare options for older customers. They are also ideal for patients who suffer from a chronic illness that could affect their ability to live alone or receive treatment outside their house.The company provides regular features that many top healthcare insurance providers offer. Plus, it has Humana Guidance Centers. They are physical hubs that can be used for activities and seminars. It offers a lot of features to its customers. However, the company does not offer short-term coverage.


The cost of Getting Humana Health Plan

The quotes for Humana are lower than average. It offers an excellent range of policy choices for every quote. It is also easy to compare its plans. Its website offers various online tools that let you compare plans and study your options.When you compare plans, though, you must choose more than three insurance providers. Then, request quotes to find the plans that can satisfy your individual needs.

Currently, the company offers four major health plans and dental and vision insurance. Among the many health plans, the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans are the most popular.Choosing HMO will give you lower healthcare costs as long as you stick within the plan’s network. With HMO, you need to use the professionals and hospitals in Humana’s network. Compared to PPO, it is the cheaper option.

However, if you wish more flexibility, the PPO plans can offer you more. You can use out-of-network providers but for an extra fee. It is vital if you travel frequently or if you reside in a place where it is difficult to find an in-network provider.The Private Fee for Service (PFFS) plans are traditional indemnity plans. These plans let you use any health provider that you want. But it is more expensive than PPO and HMO plans because of the flexibility it offers.

You can also find supplemental plans if you are a Medicare recipient. It partnered with Walmart pharmacies to give you a preferred prescription medicine policy.Apart from health plans, the company also offers a wide array of dental plans. The premiums and services of these plans are industry average. But the wait times for the producers with the plans were better.

It also offers vision insurance. It has a good range of products designed for families.Humana members can access its many resources, like My Humana. It is an online portal that allows Humana members to track their prescription medicines 24.7. They can also call the company through its dedicated customer service line. Then, members can download forms that they need if they need to apply for a plan or file a claim.


Humana’s Customer Support

Its coverage is across all 50 states. Its MyHumana portal can be accessed 24/7 either online or through a movie app. This online portal enables you to discover and print forms, manage plan benefits, view the status of their claims or coverage, etc.Its online help has live chat with a customer support representative. It also comes with an online support community for members on plans via their employers.

You can also find plans that will cover the expenses related to transitioning from a hospital stay to getting home care. These plans are vital for those who live with chronic pain or condition that will not allow them to live alone or take care of themselves without another help.It also offers Humana Well Dine. This plan will deliver healthy meals to its members who are recovering from a procedure.



This health insurance company is accredited to the Better Business Bureau since 1998. It gained an A+ rating. It received many awards. But the most notable award as the Dorland Health Award for health plans customers over 55.The company introduced enhanced web features regularly. In this way, customers can get specific assistance. Its web chat feature enables customers to chat directly with its registered pharmacist.


Most of its members will start their search for quotes and plans through the company’s website. From there, they will be redirected to a local Humana agent. Its website is easy to use and intuitive. However, you can also use its mobile app. This, too, is easy to use.

When you request online quotes, you will have to provide your basic personal information. But the information is nothing beyond the industry standard. After getting quotes, you will find that the company presents the plans with easy-to-understand information. The options are aplenty and the details are straightforward to compare.


Is it a recommended health insurance company?

Humana members purchase its plans for various reasons but the most popular reasons are the plans’ low premiums, preferred providers, breadth of services and low deductibles. Overall, the Humana health insurance company is highly recommended. It is a well-established company and it is the fifth-largest insurance provider in the US. It has affordable health plans, as well as vision and dental coverage.