Open Registration Period: A Good Time to Switch to Medigap

Open Registration Period: A Good Time to Switch to Medigap

Now, the open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug is from November 15 to December 3. There are many of types of plans that you can find across the country, with different insurance co, deductibles and premiums. So, instead of procrastinating, do yourself a favor by buying early. As of 2011, the traditional period from January 1 to March 31 to make other changes at the time of registration ceased to exist. It is even more important to compare all the options. About 11.8 million Medicare beneficiaries were already enrolled in Advantage Care Plans on September 30. This is about a quarter of all Medicare patients.

How do Medicare Advantage plans work?

These plans come from private insurance companies that provide insurance for the elderly and some people with disabilities. These plans are subsidized by the government and generally compete with supplements that are not present in traditional Medicare, such as dental, hearing or visual insurance. The grants provide cheaper premiums than Medicare for the conventional Part B, but the donations were carefully considered in recent years.

The federal government froze the rewards for performance evaluations. Some Advantage insurance plans can generate bonuses, but poor performance plans are associated with a loss of grants, which can result in higher premiums. Most of these plans include controlled drug insurance, similar to Medicare Part D. Benefit insurance plans are also managed care plans, such as the Preferred Provider Organization or Maintenance Organization plans. As a general rule, you should choose a family doctor and consult your doctor before consulting a specialist.

Your access to doctors, hospitals or other health care providers may also be limited to the plan provider’s network. Some insurers have fee plans for private services that allow you to consult a doctor or use a hospital accredited by Medicare. These plans may incur fees for doctor visits, but you do not need to choose a family doctor or receive an indication to see a specialist. All of these plans include all Medicare Part A and B coverage, including emergency care. The plans do not insure hospital care because Original Medicare will give you insurance even if you sign one of the Advantage insurance plans.

How can I join one of the Medicare Advantage plans?

Generally, if you have A and B Medicare and live in an area where a benefit plan accepts new members, you can participate in a benefit plan. If you switch to another Advantage insurance plan by visiting , you only have to sign up for the new plan and it will be automatically excluded from the old plan. There is no shortcut in your insurance. As long as you are enrolled in an advantage plan, you do not need to purchase Medicare Supplement insurance. The fact is that it is illegal for anyone to sell one of the ten Medigap plans if you have an advantage plan. The benefits of Medigap plans are guaranteed by Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplemental Insurance does not guarantee co-insurance, co-ownership or deductible from the Advantage Plan.